Hot and dangerous grilfriend

Isis can’t forgive her girlfriend Tenjou, last night he left her on the verge of having an orgasm before going to sleep, lately she has done it twice in a row, as soon as Tenjou cums while they have sex she decides to finish and leave her girlfriend unfinished. Isis has a plan for that, she’ll give it back to him….

Like every morning, Tenjou’s alarm goes off to get ready for a new day, the first thing he does is to get dressed and go for a run before going to work. While putting on his sports leggings and socks, Isis wakes up, tells him she wants to finish last night, but Tenjou tells her later, Isis doesn’t accept that, she takes some metal handcuffs and ties her girlfriend’s hands to the head of the bed, one at each end in a cross position, Tenjou thinks his girlfriend is playing a joke on him, but it’s not, it gets serious when Isis takes out the leather straps, ties Tenjou’s legs in frogtie and with other straps anchors them to the bed, making Tenjou’s legs as open as possible and unable to close them. Now you are mine and it’s my time for revenge! Tenjou moans, Isis takes off her socks and stuffs them in her mouth, with grey adhesive tape she gags her with several tight turns, she doesn’t want to hear her girlfriend, she is punished, Tenjou can only make mmmmpphh, she can’t be understood. Isis takes out her favourite toy, a very very powerful vibrator, she starts playing with it and rubbing it on her pussy, she has left her sports leggings on, she wants her to feel the vibrator but it’s a bit more difficult for her to cum, the trousers are a bit of a barrier. Isis kisses her girlfriend, licks her pussy and does her best to make her girlfriend horny as hell while the vibrator rubs her pussy, starting to feel a lot of pleasure, every time Isis sees that her girlfriend might cum, she stops and denies it and then starts to tease her again. She puts the soles of her feet on her face as punishment so that she has to smell her feet while she is masturbated with the vibrator at full throttle. Tenjou is very very horny and her girlfriend won’t let her cum….

After several minutes with this punishment, when he sees that Tenjou is already at the limit of ecstasy, he stops, unties her and with straps he ties her arms in strappado and then in hogtied legs, so that she is very restricted and can not get loose, Isis goes to get a coffee and leaves his girlfriend totally horny without being able to do anything to remedy it or finish the job herself, she has to suffer…


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