Lawyer and client tied together

Silver, a lawyer, calls her client Aly to inform her that she has definitive proof against Dihami, the girl Aly denounced for blackmail, they don’t know that Dihami is listening to the conversation because she has Aly’s cell phone tapped. Silver asks Aly to go to her office to review the evidence and finally prepare for the judgment.

Silver is waiting for Aly, they knock on the door, but instead of Aly, Dihami appears, she attacks Silver, who calls security but Dihami who is very skillful and fast with ropes stops her by tying her quickly to the chair and gagging her with a handkerchief in her mouth and a tight wrap gag of adhesive tape, now Silver cannot call security, Dihami ties the abodaga with more ropes to the chair, then her legs dressed with nylon stockings, she ties them in futomoms. She already has the lawyer bound and gagged, now it remains to wait for Aly.

Aly arrives in the office a few minutes later, she sees that her lawyer is tied up next to Dihami, who quickly attacks her too, throws her to the floor, ties her hands behind her back and then sits Aly on a chair, she insults her but she can do nothing against Dihami who straps her to the chair. He takes off her socks and puts them in her mouth, then gags her in wrap gag with tape. Silver moves but can’t get untied, just watching Aly being tied up which was her only hope to get free. Dihami ties Aly’s legs. When he has the two girls completely tied up, he laughs and taunts them, takes the computer, the pen drive, the files, all the evidence that can incriminate him and puts them in his backpack, now the lawyer and his client no longer have evidence against her because he has stolen them and so he can win the trial.

Dihami has achieved her goal, but before leaving, as she is very vindictive, she decides to untie Aly’s legs and tie her on top of Silver’s desk in a tight hogtied. She then grabs Silver who is tied up in the chair, puts her in front of Aly, unties her legs and ties her feet to Aly’s face, so that her client has to smell her lawyer’s feet the whole time she is tied up. Now she leaves with all the evidence.

Silver and Aly are sure to lose the trial, but how long will they be tied up like this until they get someone to help them?


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