Lex Your Favourite Roommate, Bound and Gagged

Dihami is very tired of Lex her roommate and also landlady, she can’t stand her, as she has tying skills, she ties Lex as a punishment, she keeps her in one of the rooms, tied with ropes and gagged with tape. Lex is wearing fullness, leather skirt and leather boots, she tries to untie herself but she can’t, she can only mmmmmph and make noises, this video is a constant struggle of Lex against the ropes, helpless because she can’t do anything to escape.

After several minutes struggling, Dihami comes back to change her position to see if this way Lex is more still, she now ties Lex in hogtied, and changes the tape to a head harness gag that covers Lex’s whole mouth. He goes back to futilely struggling against the ropes, squirming, the ropes getting tighter each time he moves. Lex is like this for several minutes, with different shots enjoying watching her suffer.

Dihami returns, this time to get her under control, he doesn’t trust that his partner will try to escape and succeed, so he takes her into the living room with her, unties her legs, removes her boots and skirt and leaves her in her lingerie. In the living room he ties her legs in futomoms and finally changes her gag, for a ring gag that will make Lex drool. Dihami simply sits on the couch and watches placidly as his sexy young landlady is humiliated and writhes around believing she can escape the ropes….


28 min / 1,1 GB

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