Mayor’s Daughters Mummified by Two Bad Girls

Aly is one of the mayor’s daughters, she is in her flat, Tenjou her sister and also flatmate calls her to finish telling her what she wants her to buy for her, Aly is absent-minded and doesn’t realise that Isis and Dita, two bad girls dressed in leather, who intend to capture them, have just entered her house. Isis and Dita grab Aly, gag her in cleave gag with a bandana and then with cling film they mummify her whole from ankle to neck with her legs crossed so that she doesn’t try to escape by jumping up and down. Dita takes out a very thick grey adhesive tape, to mummify her with another much more resistant layer, with this it is impossible for anyone to untie or escape, they mummify her again, when they were going to finish, her sister Tenjou arrives home, she sees her sister tied up, she tries to help her but the two girls jump on her, they fight, they also gag her with a bandana in cleave gag, and they mummify her just like her sister. Once they are mummified, they gag them with the big tape making a huge wrap gag of several turns, so that they are well gagged, no matter how much they talk through the gag, they can’t be understood.

Dita and Isis take photos and videos of them to send them to their father, the mayor, and ask for a ransom of 500,000 euros for each one if he wants to see them again. The girls don’t stop moving and making mmmmmmmmmmmmmmpghhgh, so they sit them back to back and tie them up again with more tape, so that they stop moving.

Both sisters are mummified together, while they wait hopefully for their father to pay these two girls to be freed…


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