Mistress Nereida returns to punish her clueless submissive

Aly, Nereida’s clueless submissive, made a mistake again with her mistress, they had an appointment and she didn’t remember her date. Nereida, dressed in a latex catsuit and a long trench coat, goes home angry because he does not answer her calls, she shows up by surprise, Aly opens the door and does not understand anything. He apologizes to his Mistress Nereida but she is too angry for the lost time, she puts the punishment collar on him and makes him go on all fours to the dining room table, there she orders him to stretch with his hands behind his back to tie them with the ropes, tightly tied, she straps him from his hands to his elbows. Then he ties her ankles and makes a tight hogtied from which Aly could not escape. She also pulls her hair together with her ankles, straining until Aly’s cervicals suffer.

With more ropes Nereida ties Aly’s body to each leg of the table, at all four ends so that Aly’s body is tight against the table and cannot move. Nereida is more extreme and takes out two very strong ropes to tie her even more to the table, Aly’s body is totally tied to the table, it is impossible for her to move and even less to try to escape from her Mistress.

Nereida takes off her boots and makes her smell them, she knows that her submissive hates feet, it is something horrible for Aly, she makes her smell her feet, passing the soles of her feet on Aly’s nose, squeezing her toes with her nose holes so that she breathes strong her feet smell, this is your punishment for not coming to our appointment, I hope you remember it.

Nereida leaves Aly tied up on the table, she sits on the couch and rests her feet on Aly’s body as she thinks of her next punishment for her clueless submissive.



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