Mrs Jealous

Aisha is a very jealous girlfriend, she is always suspecting that her girlfriend Tenjou has other mistresses with whom he flirts by chat, while they watch a movie together, Tenjou is all the time chatting with someone, Aisha starts to get annoyed, she wants to know who he is talking to and why he is not for her. She asks her who she is talking to but Tenjou makes up with her step-sister, Aisha doesn’t believe it and insists to let her see the conversation, Tenjou refuses, Aisha decides to look for another method, she takes adhesive tape, she gets on top of Tenjou, blocking her arms behind her back, she ties her hands and ankles with several turns of tape, Aisha insists that she gives her the password to unlock the cell phone, as Tenjou refuses several times and won’t give it to her, Aisha prefers to take some socks, put them in her mouth and gag her with tape, – if you are not going to give me the password you’d better be quiet.

Aisha puts Tenjou on the floor sitting down, takes a huge duct tape and wraps her tightly like a package, her legs are bent against Tenjou’s body, in an uncomfortable position, she ties her with a lot of super strong duct tape, it’s impossible for Tenjou to escape from there. Aisha finally gets how to unlock the cell phone and finds out the truth….

After knowing the truth, she decides to give punishment and example to Tenjou, she puts her in that position on top of two chairs and with several ropes she ties Tenjou’s whole body anchoring it to several points of the chair so that she can’t move even a muscle.

Finally, he takes several wooden clothespins and puts one on each toe, so that she suffers all night while she is tied up, feeling pain little by little while she can’t do anything or barely move, only become unhinged.

You know what happens to you when you lie to me or hide things from me,” says Aisha, says goodnight and turns off the light.



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