University student mummified and foot worship by two girls

Tenjou is a new girl at the university, she shares a dorm with Aly and Lex among other girls, who have been there longer than her. Aly and Lex don’t like the new girl, Lex accuses her that Tenjou has taken things from her. The two of them want to haze Tenjou. They sneak into her room while Tenjou is on her cell phone, Lex is carrying duct tape and Aly a ballgag, between the two of them they grab Tenjou, Lex sits on top of her holding her arms and Aly gags her with the ballgag. They take the adhesive tape and begin to mummify Tenjou’s arms crossed against her chest, mummifying her whole with large and ultra resistant tape, they mummify her whole from her shoulders to her ankles, leaving her bare feet.

They already have her under their control, mummified and gagged, now they put a mask on her so that she can’t see anything and put her feet with her socks on her nose, so that she breathes the smell of her socks. Tenjou tries uselessly to move, he can barely move his head but that doesn’t stop him from having to smell Lex and Aly’s socks.

This is not over yet, they take off his socks and make him lick the soles of his feet and toes, they put his foot in his mouth to lick them, then while Tenjou licks Lex’s feet, Aly licks Tenjou’s feet, who feels the tickling that Aly does to his soles while licking his feet.

The hazing is about to end for Tenjou, but first, Lex goes for her ropes, she doesn’t want Tenjou to barely move, you never know if she could escape, to make sure of that, with several ropes they tie several points of her body anchored on the bed so she can’t move laterally, and her feet tightly tied on the headboard of the bed.

It is impossible for Tenjou to escape from there, Lex and Aly say goodbye and leave Tenjou mummified, gagged, tied on the bed and unable to see anything…Who said college was easy?



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