Two Sexy Bullies Put Mummified Boy on Table and Use Him as a Toy

The delinquents Aly and Tenjou have been hired by someone to screw Jack, he has created trouble for a person and now they go after him.

Aly and Tenjou enter Jack’s house, he is talking on the phone, when they attack him from behind, they grab him with strong and drag him to the living room, Aly takes out the big and resistant adhesive tape and gags Jack so he can’t ask for help or scream, Tenjou grabs him with strong, when he is well gagged, Aly starts to mummify him from his whole body, they mummify him from his mouth to his ankles. Jack can’t do anything, just watch how those sexy girls in leather are tying him up without knowing what they will do with him.

When he is mummified, they stretch him on the table, between the two with more tape they mummify him on the table with many turns of tape, that he is tight on it, Jack is uncomfortable, he can’t do anything, Aly and Tenjou would leave him like that and go away, but this time is different, they want to have fun with their victim and fuck him. They change his gag for a mouth opener, so Jack keeps his mouth always open.

Tenjou sits on Jack’s face in her leather pants, rubbing her whole ass on Jack’s nose for him to smell, Aly takes off her sneakers and puts her feet in Jack’s mouth and nose for him to smell those delicious, sweaty feet.

The two have fun fucking Jack, they sit on his face, stick their feet in his mouth and spit in his mouth. They have a good time with their victim taking advantage of the fact that he is mummified.

To finish, they take Jack’s socks off, mummify his feet with more tape and put the socks in his mouth, with more tape, they gag him on the table, tight so he can’t move it and is very quiet while they use him as a footrest.

Jack will spend all day being the footrest for those two sexy thugs, smelling their feet while they laugh at him.



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