My bound boyfriend smells my sweaty feet

Perséfone comes home from a long day to her boyfriend Jack, she wants to get off her leather boots and set her warm sweaty feet free for her boyfriend to give it a massage. She sits on the couch and puts both boots on his lap, Jack is not happy, he said he can smell her feet from there. But Perséfone doesn’t have time for his nonsense and goes for duct tape and reduces him, puts his arms back and ties them up. Jack complains too much so she grabs a dirty sock that´is laying around and stuff his mouth with it before wrap gag him.

Now she shuts him. Perséfone starts to wrap his chest and then his ankles. Then she places on the floor with her knees bending and using them as a stool to sit, removes her boots. Place the boots near his face and sit on his knees again to now receive the massage she wanted but with his nose. She’s wearing some exquisite translucent pantyhoses and they are very very sweaty and smelly. She decides it’s enough and she takes them off  the pantyhose and places them on his head with her feet as well.

Minutes after that they move to the bedroom and she cuts the tape from the ankles and chest but leaves the mouth gag. get ropes and tie him up to the bed frame each wrist to each extreme of the bed and the ankles as well and leaves Jack there to his luck while she goes to the gym to sweat a little more.

Perséfone comes back and she has a surprise, she went to the gym with latex socks and came back stinky and extra sweaty to teach Jack never say no when she wants a massage. She removes the latex sock and places both of her feets all over Jack’s face making him smell all of it, just for a final touch she decides to tape her feet to his face and nose and make him smell it for a long long time…


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