Scarlet Switch & Gwen Stacy VS Spider-man

Spiderman and Gwen Stacy, Spider woman are on a mission to stop Scarlet Witch, a very powerful and hot enchantress. Once they arrived at the spot and met her the hot Witch made her power work on Gwen, whispering in her ear, making her attack her partner spider man. Between the both strong women submit spider man on the floor and make some wrestling locks with their long legs making him impossible to move freely. The witch sits on his face while Gwen firmly grabs  his legs, there’s no escape.

The Scarlet Witch has the poor young hot Gwen at her mercy enchanted and the stupid Spiderman submitted, she get some ropes and starts to tie his hands, they make him stand him up and tie each hand to a hanging ring. The Scarlet Witch is tired of hearing the winning of spider man and on top of his mask she places a huge red ball gag. Gwen, Spider woman, goes to his ankles to tie them up to a heavy  weight lifting bar while the Witch spank his ass, once he’s tied, both women start grabbing him, touching his nipples, and everything… The witch is a naughty woman. Spider woman gets some ropes and use as a flogger to spank him, it looks like spider man seems to enjoy the whole situation… 

The witch get a powerful vibrator to stimulate him while Spider woman starts a takate on his chest, soon he will be free from his legs and in some poetry revenge the Witch makes Spider woman help her hang him upside down in the most humiliating way with ropes instead his lame spiderwebs.


28 min / 1 GB

14,52 $