Tangled Vacations

Tenjou is a tourist apartment thief, she enters the apartment where Persefone and Lucy are staying, who have come to enjoy their vacations in Barcelona, but they don’t know that it will change their day. Tenjou who has invested, knows that Persefone is alone and that Lucy went to buy the supermarket, attacks Persefone by surprise that was distracted talking on the phone with Lucy, she ties her hands behind her back with ropes and then a lot of rope on the chest and arms to block her, Persefone tries to escape but can not do anything, Tenjou removes her socks and puts them in her mouth, then gags her with many turns of compressive tape. He continues to tie up Persefone by her ankles and knees and ends up tying her in hogtied. His first victim is tied up, while he waits for Lucy to come back, he goes to steal some things from the girls.

Lucy comes back, sees her friend tied up, she is confused, she tries to untie her but Tenjou also surprises her from behind, tying her hands fast, gagging her and ties Lucy exactly like her friend Persefone. When she has the two tourists tied up on the ground in hogtied, she takes the opportunity to go and finish the robbery. Persefone, who is very skillful, has been hiding and letting go little by little, so she manages to free herself from the ropes and also frees her friend.

Tenjou returns to the living room to say goodbye to her victims, she sees ropes on the floor, but not them, who catch her, Lucy holds her arms and puts her hand in her mouth so that she can not scream, while Persefone with tape ties her as fast as possible, mummifying the body of the thief. They take the drooling sock that Lucy had in her mouth and put it in Tenjou’s mouth, gagging her with the same compressive tape. Tenjou is totally mummified, they throw her to the floor, Lucy thinks about calling the police, but Persefone has a better idea, that she will be their toy and slave during all their vacations, to start with they use Tenjou as a footrest while they relax from this scare. How bad is Barcelona with the tourism…


32 min / 1,3 GB

14,52 $