The best girlfriend in the world, tied and gagged his girlfriend by surprise

Butterfly is a girl who loves that her girlfriend Dita surprises her with new games, she likes that she pretends to be a stranger. Dita has her new game ready for her in wich she plans to cross the limits. Butterfly just got of the shower and is getting ready to go out with her friends for dinner, she moisturizes her strong and toned legs, before getting dressed. Dita springs into action and attacks Butterfly from behind until she loses control. She sits her down on a chair in the dining room.

Dita wants her girlfriend to be very still, she takes out her pink jute ropes that she has bought new and ties her hands together behind the chair, tightly so Butterfly cannot escape, it is very important that she is well immobilized for her new game. At that moment Butterfly goes back to her world, she doesn’t quite know what is going on and before she can speak, Dita takes a ball gag and puts it in her mouth, she moans mmmmmmmmpjfjj!!!! She doesn’t know what’s going on nor can she move nor can she speak, she just sees her girlfriend in a black and very tight lycra outfit, something that makes her very horny. Dita continues with her game, she needs her to be more still and she still has many ropes, she ties her ankles and joins them behind with her hands, making a hogtied on the same chair, Butterfly is scared, but at the same time very excited by the situation, she likes to feel immobilized and helpless, Dita continues to tie her more and more, she continues with the torso and then her knees are joined on the legs of the chair, so they are wide open and she can’t close them. Dita pulls her cufflinks, two vibrators, out of the backpack, she tapes them together, one on each leg, so that they put pressure on her panties at all times. Butterfly is getting hotter and hotter. Dita doesn’t want any neighbors to be able to hear her girlfriend’s moans caused by the orgasms the vibrators give her, to make sure she gags her with duct tape on top of the ball gag, giving her several turns around her head, she wants to keep up the game and be very naughty, so she goes to rest for a while while her girlfriend stays gagged and fully bound in the chair with two vibrators turned on at full power pressed against her panties. Butterfly will have to postpone dinner with her girlfriends for another night, she’s in for a night of obligatory multi-orgasms

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