The girl next door

Jack has the keys to his neighbors’ house that they entrusted to him in case there is an emergency, what his neighbors don’t know is that every weekend Jack enters their house to enjoy it, until today, when Tenjou, the neighbors’ step-daughter stayed home for work on the weekend, Jack sneaks in without knowing that Tenjou is home, catches him and asks for explanations, she tells him to call her parents and the police, Jack begs her not to, that she will do whatever she wants but please don’t do that as she will get into very serious trouble.

Tenjou takes the duct tape and binds Jack’s hands behind his back very tightly, then binds his chest and arms, legs and ankles. She makes him kneel down and puts a very nice collar on him and says, this weekend you will be my puppy. Tenjou takes off his socks and puts his feet in front of Jack’s face, now you are going to kiss my feet, doggy. Jack has to obey everything Tenjou asks him if he doesn’t want her to call the police, he kisses Tenjou’s feet intensely and follows all her orders, Jack can’t take it anymore, his mouth is dry from kissing, Tenjou helps him, she licks her own foot and drools all over it, – now you won’t have a dry mouth anymore, suck my foot and eat my drool. Jack has to keep on obeying she licks his drooling feet for several minutes, finally Tenjou gets tired. Now sit on this chair, he orders Jack, puts a handkerchief in his mouth very tight and gags him with more duct tape making a tight wrapgag, then he mummifies him whole on the chair with a lot of duct tape, that he is tight on it and can’t move a muscle.

This weekend you will be my toy… Jack is punished and mummified in his neighbor’s chair all weekend, what else will happen to him?



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