The Horror Box

Silver and Lex owe Jack a birthday present months ago, they have bought a box with bad intentions. Jack doesn’t understand his gift, what’s the point of a box with a hole in the middle? Silver and Lex, grab Jack, he doesn’t understand anything, they start to mummify Jack with film, as if he was a suitcase from the airport. When he won’t shut up, they gag him with a cloth and then duct tape and continue to mummify him with white duct tape, tying him from neck to ankles. The girls stretch him and put Jack’s head inside the box and the head in the hole, now Jack understands what that box of horror is for and he doesn’t like the idea…

Lex and Silver, take off their shoes and make Jack smell their socks, he can’t even move his head, he has no choice, he smells the stinky socks of his evil friends, then they take off their clothes, step on Jack’s mummified body and sit on his face, facesitting him, poor Jack has to smell his friends’ underwear and their pussies, then they also make him smell their bare feet.

Both girls take turns removing Jack’s gag to make him lick their feet, Jack has to follow the orders given to him by his friends, he can’t do anything else, he licks Silver and Lex’s feet, his friends laugh at him and humiliate him, taking turns with their feet and asses in Jack’s face.

After a few minutes of humiliating play, the girls take a break, gag their friend again, settle back on the couch and use Jack’s face as a footrest, so that he has to sniff them every second while his two friends rest and catch up.


25 min / 1 GB

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