The Naughty Neighbour

Dolly Darko is the new neighbour in the community, she has been watching Jack Panda for days, she is in love with him, one day she decides to go and ask him for salt, Jack invites her in, what he doesn’t know is that she wants everything but salt. Dolly has a roll of duct tape hidden, when she sees the opportunity she attacks Jack by pushing him against the table and ties his hands behind his back with the tape, she then sits him on a chair, Jack surprised and confused doesn’t know what to do or say to her, she takes out a ballgag and gags him. She keeps tying Jack to the chair with a lot of tape on his chest so he can’t move from there and ties each leg to the legs of the chair.

Dolly Darko already has control of him, she sits on top of him, removes his gag, with her forked tongue she starts licking his face, then kissing him with her sensual lips, Jack first doesn’t seem to want to, but quickly gets horny, how can such a sexy girl be kissing him? He can’t resist no matter how tied up he is, he is very aroused and also kisses Dolly, they both kiss with tongue for a few minutes. Jack is getting hotter and hotter. When Dolly notices that Jack has a hard-on and will do what she wants, she sits down in front of him, takes off her shoes and orders him to lick the soles of her feet, Jack who doesn’t understand anything, doesn’t know what to do, but wants Dolly to keep kissing him, he obeys in the expectation that he will get a reward if he does what Dolly Darko asks, he licks her feet with his tongue for several minutes without stopping, following her demands.

Dolly has had enough for today, she takes a sock from Jack and stuffs it in his mouth, then tapes him up tightly and twists him round and round so he can’t say anything.

She sits down on the sofa next to him and caresses his body with her feet, Jack is very horny, he sees how his neighbour is teasing him, but he can’t do anything else… how will this romance continue?


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