Thief of Hearts

In this custom video (order your custom here). Tenjou is a very sexy burglar, she prepares herself for her new victim of the night, she puts the ropes in the backpack, her full leather outfit, gloves, balaclava… She invades Jack’s house who is in his room resting, Tenjou throws herself on top of him, blocking his arms behind him before Jack can react, he doesn’t know for a few seconds what is happening when he sees that someone grabs his arms with force and with a rope ties his hands. Tenjou asks him to cooperate and no harm will come to him, Jack doesn’t understand why she is there, he barely has anything of value, he is a normal man with a boring life. Tenjou uses rope to tie Jack’s chest, arms and ankles, but as he talks too much, she decides to gag him with a sock and tape, making a tight wrapgag.
Once he has him tied up, he ties his ankles and arms together and hogtied him so that Jack can’t move or try to escape while he steals his things, but first Tenjou, who has had a crush on Jack on seeing him, decides to play with him a bit, caressing him with her pretty feet sensually and giving him some kisses.

Tenjou robs Jack while he can’t do anything, just be tied up in bed and do mmmmphhhh, Tenjou has stolen his laptop where he has his bank accounts and other things. Instead of leaving, she decides to play some more with her victim who seems to like this situation and is getting aroused no matter how much Jack tries to hide it, she unties him by his feet and takes him to the living room to tie him to a chair.
Tenjou uses many meters of rope to tie her victim to the chair, she ties Jack hard but also with a lot of sensuality and affection, it will be very difficult for Jack to escape from there. Tenjou changes the gag for a ballgag and puts foam tape on top of it. Jack is very aroused and thinks he is starting to feel a strong attraction to this sexy burglar stranger who is starting to steal his heart.
Tenjou tapes his eyes, now he can take off his balaclava as Jack can’t see her identity, she sits on top of him, rubs herself on his leather trousers and kisses and licks his lips through the gag, Jack is horny as hell and so is Tenjou, but he knows he has to go, she wants to see him again, so he tells Jack that if he wants her to come back some other time, he’ll just have to leave a window open….


28 min / 1,1 GB

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