Tied and Trapped by love

Aly is cutting off the romantic relationship she has with Aisha, she needs time for herself, she wants to collect her things from Aisha’s room and leave, but Aisha doesn’t accept her leaving her, she wants to keep fighting and wants her to stay. Without Aly noticing, she takes a rope, she grabs Aly from behind and ties her hands, they used to play those hot games, so it’s nothing strange for them, Aly tries to convince her to let her go, but Aisha desists, she keeps tying her with more ropes, making a tight takate on her chest and arms, Aly keeps talking more, Aisha prefers not to listen to her words and gags her with a ballgag.

Aisha’s thing is already personal, she didn’t like that Aly wants to end the relationship, she wants to punish her, she takes more rope and ties her chest to the bamboo, she semi-suspends her, leaves her kneeling on the ground, then she ties her legs together and also ties them to the bamboo, finally  she suspends her completely in hogtied, leaving her a little bit upside down. To finish the bindings, he ties her hair to the bamboo, pulling her head back so that she cannot move.

Aisha loves her girlfriend sucking her feet, and she knows it will be hard to find another girlfriend who does it as good as her, she takes off her ballgag and puts her feet in her mouth, she makes her lick and suck them, Aly if she really wants to leave she has to suck those feet, she has to obey what her crazy girlfriend asks her or it could maybe be worse, Aisha enjoys her foot massage with tongue….

Who knows how long Aly will stay there tied up with her ex? The truth is that as a decoration for the room it looks perfect.



20 min / 1,7 GB

18,15 $