Tied Girl, Resists Tickle Interrogation

Lena is in a house tied with her hands behind her back and gagged in cleave gag with a handkerchief, Dihami captured her because Lena is the only one who knows the codes to get into one of the most expensive villas in Barcelona. Dihami wants to get the codes so she holds her, Lena says she will never tell him, Dihami stuffs a sock in her mouth and gags her with tape, then ties her legs, ankles and toes with rope. She leaves her tied up alone while she goes to fetch interrogation objects. Lena writhes on the floor, the ropes squeezing her.

Dihami comes back with different objects, Lena still doesn’t want to give her the codes. Dihami ties her to the chair, one ankle to each leg of the chair and her toes are also tied to make them hurt. Dihami puts a ballgag on her and starts tickling her with a feather duster, Lena laughs and squirms even though she can hardly move, she endures the tickling, Dihami tries with an electric toothbrush tickling between her toes and soles, but Lena resists everything and still doesn’t confess the codes. Dihami now ties a vibrator over her pussy, she turns it on full power, Lena starts to feel a lot of pleasure in her pussy while he tickles her, Lena can’t take it anymore, her eyes are rolling and she is about to reach orgasm, too many sensations at the same time. Finally Lena says a code to Dihami, she goes to check it and leaves Lena tied on the chair with the vibrator on, she can’t help having an orgasm but finally manages to get untied from the ropes.

Lena tries to escape but the door is locked, she asks for help but nobody listens to her, Dihami returns home, the codes were false. Dihami now takes Lena to a punishment room, there she ties her with ropes in a very tight hogtied, gags her with socks in her mouth and a tape wrapgag. Her toes are tied on the hogtied line. Dihami puts the vibrator back on her, while massaging the soles of her feet with massage oil, Lena is again on the verge of climaxing, after several minutes like this, Lena finally confesses the real code, Lena thinks that now her punishment is finally over but Dihami goes away and leaves her tied up with the vibrator turned on in her pussy. What a hot interrogation…



33 min / 1,20 GB

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