tied up and hand over mouth with latex by Lex


I’ve been watching a local for a while where there is a, she attracts me, we know each other from the neighborhood and we always cross glances of several seconds with a smile, I know she likes hard play and choking like me, I feel like playing with her, today I’m going to surprise her. I put on my tight and long latex gloves made to measure, and I enter her place, I hide, just when she appears I surprise her from behind. She looks scared, I don’t know if she recognizes me, she asks me to let her go, but that’s not possible, I cover her mouth with my latex hand, very tight to her mouth so she can’t say anything, I tie her hands behind quickly with very strong insulating tape, she doesn’t have much strength, so she won’t be able to untie herself from the tape. She asks me to release her insistently, I prefer her quiet, so I put my gag in her mouth and tighten it well, now she can only mmmmphhh and drool, poor girl.

For the game I have prepared, I want her to be very still, I tie her chest and arms together, giving her several turns. Then I end up tying her legs, several turns above and below the knees and then at the ankles more turns so she can’t even walk.

You are already mine, how exciting to see that young and delicate tied and gagged to my power, I am fascinated by choking and having control of breathing, it is something that makes me very horny, she looks at me scared, she does not know what will happen. I put the hand with my latex glove in her mouth again and with the other hand I squeeze her neck gently, cutting off her breathing, I have control of her breathing all the time, I trick her by gently caressing her neck with my fingers and when she doesn’t expect it, I squeeze it, she changes her look and eyes, she slowly loses her breath and comes back, it excites me when I see that lost look fading and then she comes back to beg me to stop. I have all the time I want to play with her like this.



20 min / 900 MB

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