ties up her roommate and smears saliva on her face

Gen is a gamer who spends all day playing the console, Aly her roommate is tired of her never cleaning or tidying up the house, she wants her to stop playing and do her chores, but Gen always finds excuses to keep playing. Aly gets tired and wants to give him a punishment. She takes several ropes she has, pushes Gen on the sofa and immobilizes her with her body and legs to tie her hands behind her back. Gen keeps complaining all the time with her unbearable voice, Aly goes to get a ballgag and puts it in her mouth tightly so Gen will stop talking at once. Aly continues with her restraints, tying her hands and arms tightly so that she can’t pick up the console controller again.

Aly wants Gen to be very still for her punishment, so she takes more rope and ties her ankles, knees and thighs tightly together, mummifying her legs. Once she has Gen totally submissive and unable to do anything, Aly starts to lick her face many times, running her tongue all over her face and leaving saliva to get Gen’s face dirty, licking and spitting on her face for a long time. Finally Aly takes the remote control and puts her feet on Gen’s bound body, now she is the one who is going to enjoy. Gen will be tied up for many hours, with her face dirty with saliva and unable to play.

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