Gen tied her friend to a chair

Gen is a who is practicing knots with a rope for a boy scout test, in scene appears Tenjou her friend and roommate, she asks her what she is doing with that rope and Gen answers her that it is an important test and if she could practice knots with her since it would be much easier for her, Tenjou is very innocent and always wants to help so she offers herself without problems, she sits on a chair and Gen starts to tie her hands behind the chair, she ties her hands with good and tight knots, Tenjou realizes that her hands are well tied and those ties are quite tight, but she trusts her friend, Gen ties her more, she takes out all the meters of rope she has and starts to make several tight turns around the chest and the chair, Tenjou notices that those ropes are already too tight on her chest and she can’t move, she has no control and she is starting to get nervous, she asks Gen to finish and let her go, but Gen has another idea in mind, -don’t worry, I’ll finish soon- she tells her, but instead of releasing her, she takes a ballgag and gags her, Tenjou moans but she can only be heard saying mmmmffpph, Gen doesn’t know what she is saying so she plays clueless and keeps tying her legs while she smiles and laughs at Tenjou saying how pretty and cute she is tied in her ropes.

She ties her ankles together and thighs tight against the chair, then hogtied her ankles and hands together, Tenjou is full of rope and knots impossible to undo, Gen has done a great job of tying knots, it would be time to untie Tenjou, she keeps complaining saying mmppphhh and drooling, Gen doesn’t want her to be heard so she takes out a pink adhesive compression tape and wraps it around her mouth and head several times over the ballgag making a nice wrapgag.

Finally Gen leaves leaving her partner tied to the chair, Tenjou tries to move, she knows it’s useless and she doesn’t know how long her friend will keep her tied to the chair, she only wanted to help her and she has ended up whored…



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