Boss tied in chair and gagged by employee

Silver is the boss of a company, she calls Lex to her office to fire her for her bad attitude and replace her, Lex knew she would soon be fired and decided to keep some ropes in her locker to take revenge. Lex takes the ropes and surprises Silver by attacking her, she is a very strong young woman and grabs her boss’s hands and ties them behind her back on the chair, Silver screams for help to security and Lex takes out a ballgag and puts it in her mouth tightly so she can’t scream and no one can hear her. Silver is in a hurry, Lex can’t get enough and wants to humiliate her well, he keeps tying Silver in the chair with rope across her chest attaching her to the chair, then her ankles, knees and thighs, so Silver can’t move or escape and stays still in the chair while drooling all the time through the gag. When Silver is totally bound in the chair, Lex wants to take a break while he humiliates his ex-boss, he sits in front of her and smokes a cigarette while he watches as his boss begs him to let her go, but Lex just keeps smoking and watching her with that serious and penetrating look. When he finishes his cigarette, he takes his cell phone, takes some videos and photos of his tied up boss and blackmails her by telling her that not only will she not be fired, but she will also be promoted in her job or those photos will be made public. Lex leaves and leaves his boss tied up in the chair so she can think for a while about what to do… Silver’s job doesn’t pay well with workers with this attitude.


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