Influencer gets tied up by roommate and takes revenge

Aly is a coat fetishist influencer, she takes her roommate’s coats to make live on social networks. Gen, her roommate, dressed in a very sexy look, is very tired of her and decides to punish her for it, she attacks Aly from behind while she is doing a live show and pushes her against the couch, she gets on top of her to tie her very fast with a rope, her hands behind her back. Once her hands are tied, he sits her down on a chair to continue tying her up with her coat on since Aly likes coats so much, before continuing to tie her up he gags her with a bandana scarf making a cleave gag on Aly. He takes more rope and ties her chest against the chair and then her ankles. Aly is tied up trying to fight her way out, while Gen does a live shot with Aly’s cell phone, to show Aly’s followers how he laughs at her and how she has ended up tied up and humiliated for bothering her. Gen grabs her coat and prepares to leave the house, leaving her punished partner bound and gagged in the chair.

Just before Gen walks out the door, ALy manages to untie herself from the ropes and catch Gen, she grabs her and pushes her into the same chair she was tied to, now to get revenge and tie her up, she ties her hands behind the chair, Aly wants revenge well after Gen humiliated her live, she takes a handkerchief and stuffs it in Gen’s mouth and with duct tape she gags the whole mouth, making a big wrap gag. Finally he ties her ankles and legs to the chair so she can’t escape. Aly makes a direct to laugh at Gen and humiliate her in public, puts the hood of her coat over her and walks away, leaving her partner bound, gagged and struggling futilely with the ropes to get untied.


24 min / 1,7 GB

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