Two secretaries bound and gagged by trainee

Two office secretaries, Aly and Gen work for a large company are sitting on a couch and preparing for their new jobs, however, another secretary, Lex, walks in and realizes that her job has been taken away from her. He blackmails the two girls by telling them that he will reveal that they have been stealing from the company unless he gets their jobs back. The girls have no choice but to agree. Lex takes a rope and ties Gen by the wrists behind her back, her ankles and finally her entire chest with many yards of rope. He then ties her friend Aly in exactly the same position. When she finishes tying them up, she gags them with a ballgag.

When they are securely tied, Lex begins to tease them, sitting between them as they sit scared and desperate. She tightens the knots and then lets them struggle.


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