Teacher ties and gags bad student to a chair

Gen is a bad student, she gets distracted very easily and gets bad grades, Lex is her private tutor, her parents pay a lot of money for Lex’s classes, since she is a very demanding and efficient teacher. Gen is distracted with her cell phone instead of studying. Lex insists her to leave the cell phone and study, but today’s girls are disobedient and Gen insists to keep looking at her cell phone. The teacher has a solution for these cases. She will take some ropes that she has for bad students and will tie her hands behind the chair, Gen insists that she should let her go because she wants to look at the cell phone, Lex is very fast and agile tying her hands, it can be seen that she does it often. To keep her quiet he puts a pink gag in her mouth, Gen can now only say mmmgggdd!!!. To make sure she doesn’t move, Lex ties her body tightly against the chair, so she can’t move from there, he ties her body, thighs, ankles and feet. She finally runs out of brown rope, but Gen has behaved so badly that he decides to punish her even more, he will take out his pink ropes and continue tying her up, even though she was already well tied up, it is always better to make sure she is well secured. Gen keeps drooling and complaining without being able to say anything. She is sad because she still has hours of class left and she will spend them tied to a chair until she learns all the lesson she has to study. Lex is a great teacher.    

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