Girl is tied, gagged in chair and interrogated by girl

We see how Dita, a girl with a personality disorder who thinks she is a secret government agent, attacks the innocent and young Lex by surprise in her house and makes her lose control. Dita sits her down on a chair, by the time Lex wakes up her hands are tied behind the chair, she doesn’t know what is happening, confused by the situation, she tries to talk but Dita gags her with a ballgag tight and tight to Lex’s mouth so she can’t scream or talk. Dita has control of Lex, before starting with the interrogation, she wants to make sure that Lex will not escape from that chair, she passes a lot of rope across his chest tightening the ropes against the chair, she ties his ankles and feet together with his wrists, making a hogtied on the chair that is well tightened so that the mobilization is minimal. Lex does not stop drooling and crying knowing that it is impossible to escape and that every movement he makes the ropes tighten more and more. Dita continues with her game and puts more rope on his thighs and chest. Now her interrogation begins, Lex doesn’t know how to act and can’t do anything against the restraints. Dita humiliates Lex by doing bad things to her to make her talk, she will play with her until she is satisfied…. but for how long? Lex’s nightmare has begun.

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