Cowgirl is tied with a lot of rope in chair by another Cowgirl

Aly is a who has dressed up as a Cowgirl to go to an American festival, she has used her partner Lex’s hat that she likes so much and she intends to go with him without asking him. Just as she is finishing putting on her new cowgirl boots, Lex enters the scene, who also intends to go to the festival and sees her partner trying to take the hat again, she decides to punish her by not allowing her to go to the festival. Lex is an expert cowgirl both in knots and ropes, so she ties Aly’s hands very fast behind her back and gags her with a ballgag so she won’t scream or bother her while tying her, Lex keeps tying her chest, passing a lot of rope through her chest, Lex makes some perfect knots so Aly can’t escape. He takes out a lot more rope and ties her thighs, her knees up and down, her ankles, he mummifies her legs with so much rope, it’s impossible for Aly to do anything to go to the festival she knows she will spend this year tied up while Lex enjoys her.

Lex knows that Aly is very feisty and would try to escape somehow, so to make sure she won’t escape, he ties her with much more rope on the chair, he makes sure that all the rope is tight between Aly and the chair, he also ties her ankles to the legs of the chair and then joins them together with his hands behind making her hogtied. Aly’s body is barely visible with so much rope.

Finally Lex removes her hat and walks away, leaving Aly super-tied and gagged in the chair until he returns from the festival, then he will decide if he wants to untie her or continue the punishment for a few more hours or days


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