Two ex-girlfriends hogtied and gagged together by psychologist

Butterfly has been in many therapies with the well-known psychologist Aisha, the one who has the best success with her patients. Butterfly cannot get over her ex-girlfriend Tenjou, she has been in many therapies and Aisha does not know what to do anymore, desperate she tells her to try a new treatment, she takes out her strings and starts to tie her hands behind her back and her arms to her chest, Butterfly is not convinced and does not trust this treatment, she does not stop talking to her, finally Aisha is tired of listening to her and her voice, Aisha continues with the binding, she ties her ankles and joins them to her arms, making a tight hogtied, then she passes rope through her pussy and ties it in her hair so that every time she moves her head, it tightens well in her pussy and she doesn’t try to move.

Butterfly is already tied up, Aisha calls Tenjou, Butterfly’s ex to go to the office urgently, Tenjou arrives as fast as possible and finds Butterfly gagged and tied in hogtied, she tries to release her, but Aisha catches Tenjou and quickly ties her hands and arms.

Aisha binds Tenjou in exactly the same way as she bound Butterfly before, finally with a double ballgag, she binds Tenjou and Butterlfy by the mouth, they are tied together, sharing ballgag and saliva. If one moves her head she will squeeze the other’s pussy as they have the ropes running through their cunts, pulled taut at their heads.

Aisha tells them that she can’t afford to fail as a psychologist because of her reputation, that she won’t untie them until they solve their relationship problems.



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