Two hitwomen tie up boy for his silence

Jack has a confidential information from an important company that will bring to light all their secrets and corruptions. The businessmen can’t allow that, so they send their two most effective hitwomen, Tenjou and Nereida.

They enter Jack’s house, attack him from behind in the kitchen while he is cleaning, Nereida grabs him from behind and covers his mouth with her gloved hand, they sit him on a chair, Tenjou sits on top of him so he can’t move and covers his hand with her mouth so he doesn’t scream, while Nereida with adhesive tape ties his hands and arms behind the chair, Jack can’t move, Nereida uses a lot of tape, they tie him full body to the chair. Tenjou takes a handkerchief, tightly stuffs it into Jack’s mouth and gags him with tape and twists him around and around. Jack can no longer say a word. The two in leather continue to tie Jack’s legs and feet to each leg of the chair, Jack has two whole rolls of tape. He can’t do anything.

She starts the punishment so Jack doesn’t dare to blurt out the information, while Nereida holds his head tightly, and covers his gagged mouth with her hand, Tenjou takes off her socks and puts her bare, sweaty feet on Jack’s nose, they make him sniff her feet and soles, rubbing well up his nose, Jack can’t do anything, just smell that strong odor, after a few minutes sniffing, Jack doesn’t cooperate much, Nereida and Tenjou start to hit him in the face, each time harder and more intense, Jack gets many blows in his face and he can barely say mmmmphhhh.

Finally Jack is more receptive, he collaborates more, the girls finish giving blows and make him smell Tenjou’s sneakers, they put it in his nose, and make him breathe all the smell. Jack wants to end this nightmare, he promises that he will not say anything about the information he knows. Nereida and Tenjou have finished their work successfully, they say goodbye to Jack and leave him tied on the chair, I guess someone will help him… and you want to hire the services of Tenjou and Nereida for some enemy?


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