Villainess Lex, Victim Mayla & Persefone

Lex, a cunning villain, broke into the home of two girls, Persephone and Mayla, roommates who were sharing a warm day in their home. Persefone is distracted with her music and headphones on so Lex first attacks Mayla who is doing some stretches getting ready in her yoga room.

Mayla is attacked by Lex, she is quickly restrained on the floor, between her long legs, Lex deftly grabs her hands with rope, gags her with a ballgag and then hogtied her. Lex now goes to Persephone, Mayla tries to move or untie herself but she can’t, the knots are too hard. Lex ties Persefone together with her partner Mayla, both are gagged and hogtied while the villain Lex robs them in their house. Both girls try to untie themselves and move, they try to help each other to untie but before Lex intervenes, who comes back for them. Lex unties both girls by their legs to tie them upright, fastened to a bamboo, he ties them up so that they stand on their tiptoes and suffer. He then lifts one leg on each of them to make the position more uncomfortable for them. Lex sees a vibrator and decides to tie it to Persefone to make her suffering more entertaining, he ties it to her pussy, every time Persefone wants to rest a little and lower her body, she will feel the power of the vibrator in her pussy.

Lex says goodbye to his new victims and leaves. Mayla and Persefone are left tied there, in lingerie and with a vibrator in their pussy, they can do absolutely nothing to free themselves, how will they manage to escape from there?


26 min / 1,85 GB

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