Bratty princess and friend punish her school teacher

The naughtiest student is back to screw her teacher again, since the previous video, Jack has always approved Persefone, but not her best friend Mayla. The two of them sneak into Jack’s house at dusk, Jack has already finished dinner and is cleaning up the kitchen, but he hears some laughter coming from the house, he looks out, he sees no one, his imagination? he hears the voices again, he looks again, horror, in the middle of the hallway are Mayla and Persefone dressed in school uniform, staring at Jack, they attack Jack, Persefone grabs Jack with all his strength while Mayla mummifies him with duct tape, like a package. How did you get into my house? asks Jack several times, the girls mock him and gag him with a ballgag.
When they have mummified Jack, they give him a second layer of mummification with adhesive tape, from his neck to his ankles, without leaving a single piece untaped.

They have managed to make their teacher a package and under their control, they can do absolutely anything with him. The girls take the opportunity to humiliate him and laugh at him verbally, drag him on the floor and take him to the bed of the room.

Both girls take off their boots and rub their feet over Jack’s mummified body, who can do nothing but pray. The naughty students play with him for a few minutes, blackmailing him so that Jack will pass all of Mayla’s exams from then on, with excellent marks. They sit on his face, lick his face, make him smell their feet, tickle and different things until Jack agrees.

The pupils have a restriction mask so that Jack can only breathe, he will not be able to talk or see anything, they put it on.

The pupils have achieved their goal again, they say goodbye to their teacher and leave him mummified and gagged on the bed…


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