Burglars and Traitors

Silver is the traitor of a group of 3 thieves, she is in a secret apartment counting the money left from the last robbery they did, but Aly and Dihami, her ex-partner thieves have found her. They grab her, tie her with ropes to a chair with western ties, interrogate her to know where she hid the money, but Silver refuses several times to say anything so they gag her with a sock in her mouth and several strips of adhesive tape, Silver tries to talk through the gag but she can only be understood mmmmphhh. Her feet are tied to the chair, well anchored so that she can’t move them even a centimeter and also her big toes are tied together with a thin rope. Dihami goes for a vibrator, while Aly stays alone with Silver and licks the soles of her feet and toes, rubbing her tongue all over her feet. Dihami ties a vibrator to her pussy and turns it on. She goes to look for the money to see if she can find it, while Aly continues with her foot fetish and licking Silvers’ feet.

Silver decides to confess where the money is hidden, Dihami and Aly go to look for it and leave Silver tied up. She manages to untie herself and hides, the two thieves return after finding the bag with the money and see that Silver is not there, they look for her and find her, they tie her up again with ropes, this time tighter so she can’t escape and they gag her with the sock she spit out and tape, they tie Silver in a tight hogtied, when it seems that they can leave after recovering the money, Dihami betrays Aly, ties her with ropes and also ties her in hogtied and gags her with sock and adhesive tape, leaving her two former thief partners together tied up, while she collects all the money and leaves. Aly and Silver twitch and squirm, they try to untie themselves but this time it won’t be easy. He who robs a thief has a hundred years of forgiveness….


33 min / 1,3 GB

14,52 $