Challenge: man on a 100 meters of rope hogtied

Lex is preparing the ropes for a new Bondage Kitties shoot, while they wait for the missing actress, Jack asks why she is preparing so much rope, Lex answers that she wants to use all of them, Jack thinks it is too much, they have never used so much rope before, more than 100 meters of rope on one person. Lex challenges him, but Jack doesn’t convince him, she wants to prove it to him since Jack doesn’t seem to trust her. Lex holds Jack by the arms, sits on top of him and with a rope ties his hands behind his back, – Now we will check if it is possible. She starts to tie the director, with a lot of rope, she ties his hands and chest, Jack doesn’t shut up and doesn’t let Lex concentrate, she takes a ballgag and gags him to keep Jack quiet.

Lex continues with her challenge, she uses all the ropes, she ties Jack with many turns by the chest, between the fingers, the legs she mummifies them with a lot of rope, she ties the feet and his fingers. She sees how little by little she uses all the ropes on Jack’s body, who tries uselessly to move, he knows he can’t do anything, when Lex ties, there is no one who escapes from her strong bindings.

Finally he makes a strong hogtied, joining the ankles to the arms, well tightened, with a lot of rope.

Lex manages to win the challenge and use all the ropes, over 100 meters on Jack, who has his body completely bound with rope. Lex takes control of Bondage Kitties from now on.



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