Girls Fight and get Tied Up

Persefone the champion of all the Pole dance tournaments is preparing in the room for her turn in the new tournament, MX Bambi her opponent appears, she always comes second and is very envious of Persefone, she intends that she does not present herself and is disqualified, for that she has a plan. She approaches Persefone in a friendly way and then attacks her, they fight on the ground, Bambi is stronger and knows how to fight, Persefone is no match for her although she tries to defend herself, Bambi twists her and makes different wrestling holds.

Bambi has several handcuffs, she locks Persefone’s arms, and with several handcuffs she binds her rival’s hands and arms, then her ankles and big toes with finger cuffs, finally she hogtied her and gags her with a ballgag so that no one can hear her. Bambi takes the keys to the handcuffs so that no one can untie Persefone and goes to the other room, it’s her turn in the tournament.

Persefone writhes for a few minutes on the floor, she knows she can’t do anything to free herself, she can’t escape from those handcuffs, it’s impossible. When Bambi returns to the room to mock her, Shey, Persefone’s best friend who is also participating in the tournament, appears. She fights against Bambi who manages to remove the key and untie Persefone.

Once she is free, the two girls attack Bambi, they restrain her and between them they tie Bambi with handcuffs and leather straps, they also hogtied her and gag her with the same black ballgag that Persefone was wearing.

When they have Bambi tied up, they do a victory pose, Persefone can go dance and win the tournament again, while Bambi is left tied up writhing on the floor waiting for someone to see her and help her if she has any luck. Envy is never good.


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