Isis tied and punishes her partner Jack

Jack owes many months of rent to his partner Isis, who can’t take it anymore, she wants to get the money back and is tired of giving chances. So while Jack is resting in his room, Isis surprises him from behind and grabs him by the neck, Jack tries to escape but can’t, when he is left with little strength from overexertion Isis ties Jack’s hands behind his back with duct tape, then binds his arms, feet and legs and finally gags him to shut him up and stop him from listening.

Isis now has Jack under her control, she wants to suffocate him until she convinces him to pay everything he owes her, she starts by covering his hand with her mouth, controlling his breathing, but Jack manages to hold on, Isis now uses her long legs to wrap around his neck and squeeze, making a scissors with her legs and squeezing Jack’s head… but it still doesn’t work, Jack is a tough guy, he would hold on all day long. Isis starts to try other options, she puts her breasts on his face, covering his nose and mouth with them, then the same with a facesitting, controlling his breathing at all times, she also uses her armpits, so Jack can only smell her sweaty smell, Jack starts to get saturated, it’s getting harder and harder for him.

Isis finally pulls out her panties and stuffs them inside Jack’s mouth, with adhesive tape she gags him, gagging him several times so he can’t spit them out, she grabs Jack’s neck with her arms again. Oh boy, it looks like Jack won’t last long this time, he will have to surrender and pay everything he owes if he doesn’t want to end up much worse.



25 min / 2,2 GB

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