Lex Tied Up and Locked by Coworker

Lex is tied in a chair with ropes and locked in a basement, her co-worker locked her there, Lex is a very strong competition and makes Tenjou’s life impossible, now she punishes her like this, she can’t see the light and Lex gets fired from her job for absence. Lex tries to call for help, but it’s useless, it’s all soundproofed, Tenjou gags her with a handkerchief and puts an electricity collar on her leg that will activate if Lex starts making noise.

Lex struggles against the ropes for several minutes and manages to untie himself, but when he unties his arms, Tenjou, who has surveillance cameras, enters, gives him a cramp so that he can no longer untie himself and obeys. Tenjou again ties Lex with ropes, this time on the floor and hogtied, to punish her, removes the handkerchief from her mouth, but gags her with a dirty sock inside her mouth and gags her with strips of adhesive tape. He leaves her alone again.

Lex struggles again, she doesn’t give up, she knows she can escape from there, the ropes are tight, but Tenjou made the mistake of leaving the knot near Lex’s hands, who after several minutes of struggling with the ropes, manages to untie herself.

Tenjou runs to her before she can remove the electricity collar and untie herself completely, she arrives in time, Lex is about to succeed, but she intervenes quickly. Tenjou, tired of Lex being able to untie herself, takes her to the bed, and there she ties her limbs to the bed, tying her in X, so it will be more difficult for her to escape, she changes the gag for a ballgag. He leaves again, tells her that if she tries to escape again, the next thing will be much worse, will Lex manage to escape or will things get even more complicated for him?


34 min / 1,4 GB

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