Mistress Dita university bully returns

Mistress Dita, the college bully, is back to do her thing, this time the victim is the young and innocent Gen, she has managed to get into her residential area for college girls, Dita is looking for someone to play with and Gen refuses, Dita loves to fuck young college girls, She always carries her ropes with her, this time she grabs Gen and ties her hands behind her back and gags her with a ballgag so Gen can’t escape or scream, Gen tries to untie herself but she knows that she is already in Dita’s hands and that she can’t do anything. Once her hands and arms are tied, she throws her to the floor and starts to tie her ankles and thighs with a lot of rope and very tight, making a hogtied, Dita is very demanding with the ties, she wants her to be very well tied, so that she can’t move, for the game she has in mind with Gen.

When she finally has her completely well tied, she ties her legs to two anchor points so that they are wide open and she can’t close them at any time, Gen can only drool a lot and make mmmmfff, she starts to be excited by the situation. Dita teases Gen and pulls out a huge hitachi vibrator, she starts rubbing it hard against Gen’s panties, for a few long minutes until Gen is about to orgasm… then she decides to stop with the game, sit on the couch and let Gen struggle and rub herself on the floor while she is very aroused and can do absolutely nothing to remedy it.


30 min / 1,5 GB

18,15 $