Mixed Wrestling: Akasha & Lex VS Jack (2n round)

Akasha and Lex return to face Jack for the second time, this time they aim to take Jack down by fighting and putting their feet in his face for as long as possible. They both wrap their feet with film while they fight, to sweat more and make their feet stinkier. Soon between the two strong girls they manage to dominate Jack, who tries to resist but nothing he can do, the girls are skillful and strong and dominate Jack at all times, obliging him to smell and lick their feet.

After several minutes of real fighting, the girls tie their prey, with ropes in a hogtied and punish him, they put his feet in his mouth so that Jack has to lick the sweaty feet, they whip him and beat him while he is tied up, they humiliate him. Finally Lex and Akasha leave and leave Jack tied up, the poor guy can’t take it anymore, he’s a wreck.


24 min / 1,70 GB

14,52 $