No robarás o atada acabarás!

Gen takes advantage of the fact that her roommate is away for a few days to empty the whole apartment and steal things, when she is already preparing the last boxes, unexpectedly Lex arrives, he realizes that his roommate is stealing, he doesn’t think about it and takes the ropes to tie her roommate.

Lex grabs Gen from behind and pulls her to the floor and sits on top of her, blocking Gen’s arms so she can’t move them, he ties her hands behind and then her arms next to her chest making a strong strappado so she can’t move, Gen screams and asks him to let her go, Lex gets tired of listening to her excuses and gags her with a tight black ballgag in her mouth, Gen can only drool a lot and say mmmphhh.

Lex continues with his strappado, tying her arms with lots of rope, making it impossible for Gen to try to escape. When he finishes with the arms, he ties her legs, joining the ankles with the thighs, on each leg, making a hogtied, and with a rope anchoring the knees with the arms, so that the hogtied has more restriction.

Gen is completely bound and unable to move, Lex leaves her on the floor, bound and gagged while he thinks about what he will do with her. Gen moves around a lot to try to untie herself, but it’s impossible. Don’t steal from Lex or you could end up very badly.



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