Poor Girl Bullied by Two Tall Girls

Lucy and Lex have captured their college classmate Yana, they are always bullying her and messing with her height since they are the tallest girls in college, this time they have her locked in a cage that has been there for several hours. Lex and Lucy take her out of the cage, while Lucy grabs her and covers her mouth with her hand, Lex ties her hands and feet with ropes, then with compressive tape they gag her.

The girls laugh at her and her height, they compare her size, they pick her up and carry her and play with her as if she were a doll, they do not stop humiliating her, they put her on her knees so that there is even more difference in size, Yana’s head is at the height of the two asses of Lex and Lucy who shake their asses in her face, poor Yana.

When they get tired of humiliating their college roommate, they take her to a bed, and there they tie her with a lot of rope in hogtied, a very tight hogtied, Lucy while Lex ties her, licks her face and gives her kisses while he makes fun of her. Lex with ropes anchors Yana’s body to the bed in case she makes any move to try to escape.

Finally the two tall girls leave and abandon Yana leaving her bound and gagged, how hard it is these days to do University.


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