POV: Slave of a Lesbian Couple

In this POV you are the slave of a lesbian couple, Tenjou and Dolly Darko are your mistresses, you have misbehaved, you have not obeyed and now they have to teach you manners and discipline. On all fours you approach them, and they order you to lie down, they sit on top of you to spit in your mouth and face, disgusting? it’s only the first part. Then they will make you lick the dirty soles of their feet, making them shiny while they stare at you.

They will order you to sit on a chair, they will tie you in it with ropes, tight so you can’t move, now your punishment is to tease and heat up your cock. They sit on your legs tied, right in front of you, and start kissing with tongue between them, then they will make you participate, they will kiss you with their tongues, Dolly with her sexy bifid tongue will drive you crazy, both will lick your face and mouth and when you are in the climax and you have it really hard, they will leave you with the hotness.

They will make you lick their feet one more time and touch you with them to tease you. Finally they will humiliate you verbally, telling you the truth, that you are good for nothing and they will leave you tied up in that chair while you are horny and unable to masturbate.


18 min / 700MB

12,10 $