Robbery at Wonderkink

Dihami is the shop assistant of Wonderkink BDSM shop, Mireia, a sexy robber dressed in leather and mask to hide her identity, enters to steal, she asks Dihami for all the money from the cash register, Dihami plays innocent, she pretends to give it to her, but she just attacks her, Mireia is clumsy because of the mask, Dihami grabs some handcuffs, fights against the robber, manages to tie one hand and finally handcuff her to a column with her hands behind her back, the thief is already trapped, Dihami is curious to see the thief, takes off the mask and sees that there is a very pretty girl, maybe it is not yet time to call the police.

She puts up the closed sign, takes a ballgag and gags her, then with ropes she ties her to the column, by the chest, waist and crossed legs so that the thief is more uncomfortable, Dihami laughs at her, how can she think of stealing in a BDSM shop? What an idiot. The shop assistant plays with the thief. She leaves her tied up while she finishes some computer work. Mireia, tries uselessly to untie herself, she squirms but she can’t do anything but mmmmppphh.

Dihami is going to call the police, but he has a better idea, he has been looking for a dummy for his ropes for a long time, but what better option than a human dummy to show off his ropes? So he unties the thief from the column, ties her up again and suspends her from a ring in the middle of the tent. He anchors her feet to the column so that she is fully suspended in the air. He takes a more aesthetically pleasing leather harness gag and puts it on top of the ballgag.

The thief who came for money will now work for free for the shop, being a human mannequin, she cannot move, all the customers who enter the shop will see her bound and gagged and will even be able to interact with her while Mireia, the thief, is publicly humiliated…


24 min / 1 GB

14,52 $