Tall Girls Capture Beauties

Shey and Lex are two tall and bad girls, they are dedicated to capture pretty girls for fun. This time the victim is Tenjou, who is caught by surprise coming down the stairs, the girls surround her and capture her, taking her to their lair. Shey holds her tight while Lex ties her arms with ropes in western bondage style, making a tight strappado on Tenjou’s arms and hands. Tenjou who doesn’t understand why they do this to her, keeps complaining and asking for explanations, Shey takes a sock, puts it in Tenjou’s mouth and with duct tape, gags her by gagging her several times around her head. The two girls laugh and tease her while Lex continues to tie her legs in futomoms.

When they have Tenjou tied up, with a rope in her hands, they tie her up to the bamboo and stretch, making Tenjou’s arms go up and she has to tilt her head down, she is suffering from a predicament, they tie her hair back to make her head more uncomfortable. They leave her alone for a few minutes in the room while Tenjou squirms and struggles against the ropes, but the more she moves, the more discomfort and pain she feels.

Shey and Lex come back to untie her from the bamboo, now they take her to the living room, where they put her on top of the dining table, Lex ties her toes, while Shey puts a blindfold on her eyes and a leather head harness gag to block Tenjou’s jaw. She is hogtied on top of the table unable to move, the two girls laugh at her, they love to have beautiful girls captured to subdue them and fuck their lives, so far Tenjou is their favorite victim. Shey and Lex go to look for other girls and a possible partner for Tenjou…


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