The Collector of Influencers Captured

Blue is a Spanish influencer who has won a make-up contest that a prestigious make-up artist, Lex, raffled through social networks. She is not known for her kindness, but Blue is enthusiastic. Blue arrives at Lex’s place, she welcomes her with a nice red latex catsuit, she asks Blue to sit on the chair and takes off her top so as not to stain it.

Blue thinks she is going to make her up, but there is a twist in the script that will change Blue’s life forever, Lex puts a hood over Blue’s head, and with ropes he ties her hands behind her back as fast as possible so Blue can barely react, she doesn’t understand anything, what is going on? why no one makes her up?

Lex takes her to the basement, gags her with a ballgag and continues to tie her with ropes, he ties her chest, arms, legs and ankles with western style ties. Blue agonizes and cries, she wants to leave, but that is not possible now. Lex leaves his victim tied up on the floor while he goes to another room. Here we see a scene where Blue really struggles to escape, she crawls on the floor to the door as she can, exhausting herself, she is tied up and can hardly do anything, with her feet she manages to open the door knob, she keeps crawling, but she meets the stairs, she tries as she can to climb them one by one, but she is too tired, Lex appears, slowly, enjoying to see how his victim tries to escape without any chance, he picks her up and takes her to the room again.

Lex lays Blue down on the gurney in the middle of the room, he removes her skirt to leave her completely in her underwear, with more rope, he ties her ankles to her arms, tying her up in a nice hogtied, Blue is still crying.Lex removes her gag, Blue tries to get Lex to listen to her but it won’t do any good, Blue’s fate is already written, he shoves a nasty sock in her mouth, which she manages to spit out for a few seconds, he puts it back in her mouth and this one sees her gagged with duct tape over it, several strips making a wrap gag. Blue tries to talk gagged, but she can’t be understood, just mmmmmphhggg, Lex laughs, prepares his victim, he rubs her with body oil to make her shiny and pretty, massages the soles of her feet.

Now she is ready for the collection photos, Lex takes a few pictures of her influencer victim, to join her to his collection of captured influencers.Lex hates these fake girls who think the world is theirs just for talking nonsense on the networks.Welcome to your new home – Lex tells Blue as he leaves her.Blue is tied up and gagged, captured in that basement by a crazy woman, trying to scream, poor Blue…


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