Toxic Ex-girlgriend Ties Girlfriend and Paramour Together

Introducing BK’s new actress Dolly Darko. In this story, she and Tenjou are a couple, they are playing like any normal day, Dolly takes some handcuffs and ties Tenjou’s hands to the end of the bed headboard, she starts caressing and kissing him sensually all over his body with her forked tongue.
At that moment, Tenjou’s ex-partner Isis, who still has a copy of the keys, enters the house with bad intentions, but when she sees the two of them playing, she gets very jealous, seeing that Tenjou is tied up, she decides to tie Dolly up, she lies down on top of her, takes out the ropes and ties Dolly’s hands to the ends of the bed’s headboard. She takes out a pair of ballgags to gag Tenjou and Dolly, who were reproaching and insulting her all the time. Knowing that his ex hates feet, he ties Dolly’s feet to Tenjou’s face so that she has to smell them. She ties Tenjou’s legs open at the foot of the bed. Both girls are tied together on the bed. Isis came with the intention of tying Tenjou up and stealing her things, but she will also steal Dolly’s things, she steals the computers, iphones and other valuable things.

The girls while being robbed writhe around without being able to untie themselves or do anything, just mppppppphhhh. Isis has finished robbing them, but seeing that they are too comfortable, she unties Tenjou and ties her up in hogtied, then does the same with Dolly. She takes off their ballgag, takes some dirty socks from around the house and stuffs them in their mouths, then with compressive tape, she gags them in a tight wrapgag of many turns.

The couple are hogtied, unable to move, Isis takes all their things and reminds Tenjou that their relationship is over for good…


25 min / 1,8 GB

14,52 $