Untie or pay for dinner

Aly and Persefone two friends improvising what to do that Saturday afternoon, Aly tells Persefone that she could invite him to dinner since the last few times she paid, Persefone who is astute offers a game in which she knows she will win in exchange for inviting him, that Aly will be tied up and untied in less than a minute. Aly agrees but Persefone with adhesive tape begins to tie her friend tightly, hands, arms, chest and legs, then puts a sock in her mouth and gags her with foam tape, Aly is very sexy so tied, Persefone puts the countdown, the challenge begins and for many efforts that Aly puts, she does not get untied in a minute, Persefone lets more minutes pass and Aly sees how her friend finished the game, does not untie her, why does she do that? Persefone has long wanted to have her friend like this, because she likes it and wants to take advantage of this situation to play with her, she gives her several kisses on the gagged lips so that Aly knows her intentions and tells her that she is going to change her clothes.
Now starts a real fight in which Aly fights against the tape and her bindings, she manages to untie herself after a few minutes, Persefone comes back and sees that her friend is no longer in the chair, who attacks her from behind, fights against her and ties her hands behind with a lot of tape, then she ties her fists so she can’t use her hands and blocks her elbows with more tape, this binding is hard, she puts a sock in her mouth and gags her with foam tape, Persefone gets her beautiful lips marked in the gag, Aly keeps tying her friend with a lot of tape on her legs and feet. Now it is Persefone who is bound and has to struggle with the restraints , but her bondage is much harder to escape, she can’t, Aly laughs at her and to get back at her friend, she takes money from her wallet and calls to order a pizza delivery for her, Aly will dine with Persefone’s money while she can only watch and keep tied up writhing on the floor. Bon appetit Aly.


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