Young nurses tie up asylum patient

Jack is a patient at the asylum, the two sexy nurses Nereida and Lex from the night shift take Jack the vitamins that he must take every night, he does not have an attitude to collaborate, he starts to insult the young nurses. They decide to take their measures seeing that Jack is being very rude to them, they have to punish him so that he learns to behave, they take a straitjacket that he has for the patients, between the two of them they hold Jack and put the straitjacket on him, they manage to tie it tightly and finally they have him under their control, Jack laughs at them, tries several times to bite them, Lex to avoid it, takes off his socks and gags him with them, takes the white nursing bandages and wraps his mouth with many turns, then to fuck him and punish him more, the two nurses bandage his eyes and his whole head, leaving only his nose free.

Now it is something personal, the nurses want to fuck Jack, to give him a strong punishment, they take all the bandages they have and tie each leg joining the thigh with the ankle, mummifying them with the bandages and making a hogtied so that Jack can not even try to move or escape.

Finally they take a chain and tie him from the straitjacket to two rings on the wall so that he is securely anchored and tied in place, it’s amazing the restraint the young nurses put on misbehaving patients.

Jack will spend at least all night super-tied and gagged without being able to move, speak or see anything.



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