Young real estate agent gagged and bound to chair by client

Introducing the new model of Bondage Kitties, the young and beautiful Yana, in this video she is a real estate agent who has as a lover Lex’s boyfriend, unfortunately, Lex finds out and decides to put a trap while he makes a visit to an apartment that shows him, posing as a client.

When Yana is going to show him the balcony and her back is turned, Lex attacks Yana, pushes her against the floor and with his strength, puts her hands behind her back, Yana tries to fight but Lex is too tall and strong for her. Lex takes out the ropes she had in her bag, nimbly ties her hands behind her back, then puts a very uncomfortable bamboo gag in Yana’s mouth so she can’t scream and at the same time she is very uncomfortable, she starts her revenge.

Lex takes a chair from the living room and sits Yana on the chair, tying her chest against the chair so she can’t move from there or escape, Yana can only make mmmmmffffff and Lex laughs at her, he is enjoying watching his boyfriend’s mistress suffer.

When he finishes with the chest and it’s tight, he pulls out more rope, Yana doesn’t know when this nightmare is going to end, it’s taking forever, Lex ties her thighs, knees and ankles tightly together, so her legs can’t move. Yana tries to scream, the gag bothers her a lot and she can only drool and try to beg for it to stop, she thinks it’s over, but then Lex takes out some pvc adhesive tape, and starts to tie her legs and thighs tighter against the chair, Yana is very tied and tight against the chair.

Finally he finishes tying her up, Lex laughs at her, to see her humiliated and drooling, how innocent Yana looks tied up. He decides to leave her tied up there to make sure she won’t get in the middle of her relationship with her boyfriend again. Yana is left alone in the house, tied up in the chair trying to fight back but unable to do anything….


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